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What is Informit Admin?
Informit Admin is the administrative module for Informit and allows organisations to change:
** Any changes made here will apply across the whole of your organisation and branches

  • » password or PIN code
  • » display preferences
  • » export preferences
  • » sort options
  • » branding options
  • » logout URL
  • » interface defaults – Standard Search or Guided Search
  • » resource selection defaults – Product View / Subject View etc
  • » web holdings preferences
  • » local support options
  • » session timeout
  • » Pay per View

 Informit Admin allows organisations to see:

  • » IP ranges assigned
  • » referring URL assigned
  • » subscriptions and expiry dates
  • » statistic reports

How do we access Informit Admin?
Informit Admin can be viewed at 
You will require your Username, Password and Pin code to log in.
Please Note: Access to Informit Admin will initially be given to only one person within your organisation.

What if we forget our password and PIN number for Informit Admin?
Contact the Customer Service Team at RMIT Publishing on
Phone: 03 9925 8210

If we enter the details of the support person from our organisation, where will these appear?
They will appear at the bottom of the Informit Search screen on the right-hand side.
This is a convenient way to point users towards your library reference desk or support team.
Contact the person at your institution who is in charge of the Informit subscription, to request changes to these areas.

How do we change the company or organisation name that appears in the top right-hand corner of the screen?
Log into Informit Admin and enter the name of your organisation next to Display Name.
Contact the person at your institution who is in charge of the Informit subscription, to request changes to these areas.

How do I switch off Pay per View?
Log into Informit Admin. Change the Pay per View option to NO. Click on Save.

How do I access statistical reports?
Informit Admin will allow you to generate statistical reports. Log into Informit Admin and click on the Stats Selection tab located at the top of the screen.
The instructions for the Stats are located on the front screen.

When can I run statistic reports?
Reports can now be generated at any time of the day or night.

How do I set up a link to my library catalogue?
If your library catalogue is web enabled (that is, has a web based search interface), your organisation can configure Informit to show a Check Local Holdings button next to each record displayed (only if the record has ISSN or ISBN).
When pressed this link will open a separate window and will search your library catalogue.

NOTE: If you are unsure about what these links should be, contact your own technical support facility and/or contact Informit technical support for guidance.

  • Log into Informit Admin
  • Go to User Preferences.
  • Set the Web Holdings Active field to YES.
  • Modify the link text in the Web Holdings Link Text field (if required).
  • Enter the URL of your web catalogue in the Web Holdings Base URL field.
  • Enter the additional command for an ISSN search in the Web Holdings ISSN field (if required).
  • Enter the additional command for an ISBN search in the Web Holdings ISBN field (if required).
  • Press the Save Changes button.

Are Informit statisitcal reports COUNTER compliant?
Yes the following COUNTER compliant reports are available through Informit Admin:

  • Journal Report 1 (JR1)
  • Database Report 1 (DB1)
  • Database Report 2 (DB3)
  • Database Report 3 (DB3)

* COUNTER Stats are available from Jan 2005 - present




What methods of authentication are available for Informit?
The following authentication methods are available for Informit.

  • Username and Password
          Go to:
          Users must type their username and password in the boxes provided and click on Login.
  • IP Authentication
          Provide your IP address ranges to RMIT Publishing to enter into Informit Admin.
          Go to:
          Users will automatically be logged into Informit; as long as your computer's IP address is part of the range provided.
  • Referring URL Authentication
          Provide a referring URL to RMIT Publishing to enter into Informit Admin.
          Link to: from that referring URL.
          Users will automatically be logged into Informit; as long as they link from the referring page provided.
          You must provide the authentication for users to access the referring page in question.
          This URL should not be publicly available on the internet
          Please Note: A secure http connection (i.e. https) will not work with referring URLs
  • Embedded Username and Password
          Link to:;username=XXXXX;password=YYYYY
          Where XXXXX and YYYYY are the Informit username and password for your organisation.
          Users will automatically be logged into Informit.
  • Barcode Authentication
          Barcode authentication allows remote users of small libraries to access Informit by using their library card barcode or member number details.
          Provide RMIT Publishing your barcode ranges which are unique to your organisation.
          You can link to any Informit Search page from your webpage as long as it ends with barcode=true;org=XXXXX

Some examples are:;barcode=true;org=XXXXX;barcode=true;org=XXXXX;res=apaft
      Where XXXXX is the Informit username for your organisation.

Users will be logged into Informit; as long as the barcode entered is valid.

What if we forget our password and PIN number for Informit Search?
Contact the Customer Service Team at RMIT Publishing on
Phone: 03 9925 8210

How do I jumpstart to a particular database?
Jumpstart links can be created by using the linking syntax shown below. You will need to replace 'XXXXX' with the the relevant database code(s) listed on our Linking Syntax page.
The syntax for jumpstarting directly to a single database in Informit is as follows:;res=XXXXX
(Repleace XXXXX with the relevant database code for the database you wish to jumpstart to.)

For multiple databases use:;res=XXXXX,YYYYY

How do I jumpstart to a particular Journal Title?
Jumpstart links can be created by using the linking syntax shown below. You will need to replace 'XXXXX' with the the relevant database code(s) (listed on our Linking Syntax page) and 'YYYY-YYYY' with the relevant title ISSN.
Journal Home Pages are available for all titles within Informit full text databases:;res=XXXXX;issn=YYYY-YYYY

Pre-formatted searches allow you to jumpstart to Informit and produce a list of articles that have been indexed for a particular Journal Title using the following syntax:;res=XXXXX;search=IS=YYYY-YYYY

For example:;res=APAIS;search=IS=0001-3072

Why does the Informit interface continually log me out?
The Informit interface requires you to have cookies enabled. Even if you have cookies enabled in your browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer or Netscape), you are still required to enable cookies on your Personal Firewall. Example problems include:

* You cannot log into Informit using the username & password login boxes.
* You can login, but immediately get logged out and find that your organisation details (top right hand corner) have changed to Guest User.
* Or, after logging in, you arrive at the journal title you have purchased and full text documents say Buy Now.

For McAfee Personal Firewall:
Under SecurityCenter Information, click Configure. On the SecurityCenter Configuration pane, click Advanced under Users. On the Users pane, click Parental Controls. Select a user's name in the list. Under Cookie Blocking, Accept all cookies: All Web sites that this user views can read the cookies they set on your computer. Click OK.

How do I enable cookies in my browser?
Mozilla Firefox: Tools, Options, Privacy, Cookies
check the box - Allow sites to set Cookies
Internet Explorer: Tools, Internet Options, Privacy - have this set to Medium.

You can click on Sites, and Allow

Can I link Informit Media databases into my libraries systems (e.g. library catalogue). Are Informit Media links permanent?
Yes. Links can be made to all Informit databases including Informit Media databases. You may also link directly to program home pages, or even to individual items, such as a news story. All links will continue to resolve for the life of Informit Media.

How do I jumpstart into TVNews
The syntax for jumpstarting directly to search within the databases, is as follows:


Where XXXXX is your username and YYYYY is your password.

Please Note: If you use IP's or Referring URL please remove the username=XXXXX;password=YYYYY from the link.

Does Informit work on mobile devices?
Informit is fully functional on mobile based browsers, though is not optimised for the small screen. Thus scrolling and zooming will be required. Additionally full text content will display correctly, provided your device supports PDFs. Videos may be played on devices that support the WMV format.


How do I know which database/s I am searching?

When you are viewing the Standard or Guided Search screen, a link appears in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, under the heading: Databases in Use. Here, you will see either the name of the database/s you are searching, or Multiple Databases.

For more information about the database/s you are searching, click on the link. This opens a window with information about the database/s. When more than one database is in use, a drop-down menu in the top left-hand corner of the window lists all of the databases. Scroll down to any of these databases to view further information, including lists of journals covered.

How do I perform a pre-formatted search?

Pre-formatted Searches allow you to enter Informit and jumpstart to a particular database and retrieve results automatically.

The syntax is as follows:;res=XXXXX;search=YYYYY
where XXXXX is the database you wish to search and YYYYY is the search term

For example: To find all articles in a database where a Plus Text PDF is available:;res=APAFT;search=FTI=Yes

What defaults are set for options and preferences in Informit? How do I change those options?

Informit is highly customisable with the ability to change preferences at an organisational level.

All options in Informit are set at three levels:

1. System Default
All options have a system default value, which RMIT Publishing has determined to be the most likely for most organisations.

2. Organisation Preferences
An organisation (defined by individual username) may change many preferences to suit its own needs. This is done through Informit Admin

3. User Preferences
Users may change options in Informit during a session. These options revert to the organisation default each time the user logs out.

How do I find out more information about Plus Text products from Informit?

For information about our five Plus Text products, including up to date lists of journals, please visit our web site as follows:

    * A+ Education: Resources about Education Management, Theory and Practice
      Go to: A+ Education

    * AGIS Plus Text: Attorney General's Information Service, Plus Text
      Go to: AGIS Plus Text

    * APA-FT: Australian Public Affairs – Full Text
      Go to: Australian Public Affairs

    * Informit Collections: Cover-to-cover e-journal subscriptions

      Go to: Informit Collections

How do I access the Plus Text articles?

In the search area simply select the Full Text Records Only check box. This will limit any result from your search query to records that contain any combination of the following:

    * records with links to articles in Portable Document Format (PDF) format
    * records with links to articles in HTML format
    * records with Uniform Resource Identifier web links or access points listed in the 'Uniform Resource Identifier (URI)' element
    * records with Persistent Identifier web links or access points listed in the 'Persistent Identifier (PI)' element.

If a Plus Text article is available for a record, link(s) to the article will appear directly underneath the record.

When I print, email or save records, are the Plus Text documents included?

No. Plus Text documents are not included when you email, print or save.
Only the bibliographic portion of the record in question is included.
If Plus Text is available, a link to the article is included as part of the bibliographic data.
Please note: Acrobat Reader functionality allows you to print or save the PDF.

What thesauri are available on Informit?

Current thesauri include:

    * AGIS - Attorney-General's Information Service Thesaurus
    * AIATSIS - Indigenous Studies Bibliography Thesaurus
    * APAIS - Australian Public Affairs Information Service Thesaurus
    * ARCH & AAPI : thesaurus of descriptors / compiled by Stanton Library
    * ATED - Australian Thesaurus of Education Descriptors/ACER Cunningham Library
    * ATRI - Australian Transport Index Thesaurus
    * DELTAA - Database on English Language Teaching for Adults in Australasia Thesaurus
    * DRUG Thesaurus
    * FAMILY - Australian Family & Society Abstracts Thesaurus
    * MAIS - Multicultural Australia and Immigration Studies Thesaurus
    * MeSH - Medical Subject Headings
    * SAGE - Science and Geography Education Thesaurus
    * SNIPER - Searchable Networked Intellectual Property Electronic Resource Thesaurus

Where can I find a list of journals indexed by a particular database?

There are two places in which a list can be found.

1. On the Informit web site:
Go to:
Click on either Informit Plus Text or Informit Indexes.
Select either Plus Text titles & packages or Indexes titles & packages from the site navigation on the left hand side.
Click on the database you are interested in.
Click on the link under Journals.

2. In Informit Search:
Go to: and log in.
Click on the more info link next to the database you are interested in.
Click on the Journals Indexed link.

What sort options are available?

When you view the results of searches, they can be sorted by the options displayed via the Search Results tab. By default the records are sorted by relevance. Changes made in this area apply only to your current session. 

How do I limit my search to a particular date range?

Check the tick box next to Publication Year which appears immediately to the right of the search button. Enter a date range and perform your search.

Why can I only see a few search results on the page at once?

The number of records you can fit on one screen depends on a number of factors:

1. Your screen resolution
If you are running a smaller resolution than 1024x768, you will only see a few results at any given time.

2. How many fields are in the citation for the database you are using
Each database has different fields that make up the citation (or summary) record. In some cases this may be ten fields; therefore you will see fewer records per page than, for example, a database that has five citation fields.

How do I get the Search Hints back?

The search hints page is the default at the start of your session. When you do a search, the search results area retains the results of your last search. To see the search hints again, click on the link labelled Search Hints which can be found immediately below the text box in the Standard or Guided Search areas.

Does Informit perform de-duping of the results?

No. Because the databases are diverse and the indexing policies of the database providers that create the metadata vary, there is no accurate way to remove duplicate records from result sets.

Does Informit support cross-database searching?

Yes. You can search concurrently across as many databases as you wish.
Field structures have been standardised across our entire database range, allowing for improved cross-database searching.

How do I limit my search to return only results with Plus Text?

Check the tick box next to Full Text Records Only which appears immediately to the right of the search button.

What display options are available in Informit?

Fields to Display
Brief (e.g. Title, Author, Source)
Brief + Abstract (e.g. Title, Author, Source and Abstract)
Complete Record

What export options are available in Informit?

Records to (Save, Print, Email)
Select Range of records e.g. 1–10
Marked Records e.g. records you have marked

Label Format
Short Labels e.g. TI
Long Labels e.g. Title
No Labels

Fields to (Save, Print, Email)
Brief & Abstract
Complete Record

Extra Options
Save, Print, Email search history

Output Format
Plain Text
EndNote Direct
Refworks Direct

Are any limits I set cleared at the end of each session?

Yes. Limits are set for the duration of a session only.

When I load or save a search history, will I see everyone else's histories too?

No. Search histories are saved under your email address and are tied to your organisation.
When you request to load a search history, you will only see your own.

Can I retain my marked records when I log out?

Only if you email, print or save them before logging out of Informit Search. Otherwise marked records will be lost as they are active for the duration of a session only.
** If you log out, or your session times out, your marked records will be lost.

Can more than one person in my organisation create an alert?
Yes. There is no limit to the number of users who may set up an alert.

Do fulltext titles on Informit databases have an embargo period?
No. There is no longer an embargo on content cleared by the Copyright Agency Limite (CAL) for Informit.

Do you provide alerts (e.g. RSS) for new titles and content added to Informit?
RSS title feeds and table of contents feeds are available for Informit Collections databases. These can be found both on this website and on the Informit search interface.

To subscribe to a feed of new titles added to a particular database:

  1. Go to the Informit search interface:
  2. Select the relevant database Select the Titles tab
  3. Click the 'Titles feed' icon.

To subscribe to table of contents for a particular journal:

  1. Go to the Informit search interface (use this jumpstart link to access all of the Collections):;res=IELHEA,IELBUS,IELENG,IELFSC,IELNZC,IELHSS  
  2. Select the journal title of interest
  3. Click the RSS 'Table of contents' icon

How do email alerts work?
Alerts can be created on searches against any alert enabled database and saved on Informit for 3, 6 or 12 months. As new records are added to any database specified in an alert, Informit will automatically email records that match your saved search query.

How do I set up an email alert?
Alerts can be setup in the following manner:

1. First conduct a search.
2. Click the Create Alert button above the result set.
3. Enter the email address where you want the alerts to be sent.
4. You may modify the default description for the alert and the expiry date.
• Then click Create Alert.

To create more alerts, conduct another search and repeat the above steps.

To delete or modify existing alerts click the 'Manage Alerts' link above the search box.

The email address also acts as your username.

There is no limit to the number of email alerts you may set up.

Which databases are email alerts available for?
Alerts are currently available for:

• Informit A+ Education
• Informit AGIS Plus Text
• Informit Australian Public Affairs – Plus Text
• Informit Family & Society Collection 
• Informit Business Collection
• Informit Engineering Collection
• Informit Humanities & Social Sciences Collection   
• Informit TVNews

How long does an expired alert last? 
Once an alert has expired it will be retained on Informit until the end of a 12 month interval.

How can I combine queries now that the Result set functionality has been removed?
To combine, re-use and manipulate previous searches us Manage Search Histories.
• Click the “Manage search history” link
• Select queries you wish to re-use
• Click the relevant query manipulation option from the links:
• Re-use checked, Combine using OR, Combine using AND




I have been charged but my PDF didn't arrive.
You have received a receipt from us via email, which states your receipt number and article information. Please forward this email to us at
We can then attach and return the PDF to you. Otherwise please contact Customer Service on 03 9925 8210


Federated searching and OpenURL
Is Informit OpenURL compliant? How do I configure Informit to work with my OpenURL resolver?

Yes. Open URL enables your library to search across all of your digital subscriptions, to see if you are currently holding a full text version of a specific article.
To configure Informit to work with OpenURL, you need to enter your details into Informit Admin.
Note: Ensure Web Holdings Active is set to NO

Log into:

- Go to User Preferences
- Set the OpenURL Active field to YES
- Enter the Base URL of your OpenURL resolve in the OpenURL Base URL field e.g.
- Enter the URL of the image you wish to display in Informit as the link icon
- Place this in the OpenURL Image field, e.g.
- (Optional) Enter OpenURL Window Width / Height to specify the size of the OpenURL window to open. The default is 400 x 400
- (Optional) Set the OpenURL Block If InformitFT field to YES if you want to suppress the OpenURL link from appearing when full text is already available from Informit

Click the Save Changes button

Does Informit work with EZ Proxy?
Yes. Informit has been tested with EZ Proxy.
Please use the following configuration:

T Informit Search

For sites that use the "TV News" database, Informit requires EZproxy 4.0a GA (2006-08-02) or later along with the following configuration in config.txt/ezproxy.cfg:

AnonymousURL -RE -CS +http://search\.informit\.com\.au/.*/[A-Z0-9]+\.wmv
Title Informit Search
AnonymousURL -*

Is Informit Z39.50 compliant?

Informit runs on a TeraText Database System content server, which is a fully compliant Z39.50 database server.

Can I use a Z39.50 compliant client such as YAZ or EndNote to search across the Informit databases?

Yes. Informit databases are held on a fully compliant Z39.50 database server.
Configure your client to point to:

port: 210

Are there any EndNote connection files available for Informit databases?

Yes. EndNote connection files are available from database information page by clicking on the database you require the connection file for.

Can I output my records to Endnote?

Yes. There are two methods for transferring bibliographic records from Informit into EndNote.

Method A: EndNote Export option
1. Log into Informit and mark the records you are interested in transferring to EndNote.
2. Click on the Save button in the View Results tab.
3. Select EndNote as the Output Format.
4. Click the Save Records button and save the file somewhere on your local computer.
5. Open the EndNote application and open the citation library you wish to import the records into.
6. Select Import from the File menu.
7. Click the Choose File button and select the file you saved from Informit.
8. Select EndNote Import as the Import Option.
9. Click the Import button.

Method B: Use an EndNote Connection file
Connection files for databases are available from the Support section of the Informit web site.
Informit Endnote
1. Download the Connection File and save it to your EndNote Connection files folder.
e.g. '\Program Files\EndNote\Connections
2. Using EndNote, you can open these connection files. Choose Connection Files from the File menu.
Note: Not all databases have Connection Files available.

Informit Reference Type
In order to more precisely match fields in EndNote with Informit records, you can create your own Informit Reference Type. This Reference Type is based on the Journal Type Reference.

How do I configure xlibris MetaLib or Serials Solutions 360 Search to work with Informit?

Informit is z39.50 compliant and has been tested successfully with Exlibris MetaLib and Serials Solutions 360 Search.

Port: 210
Username: same as for Informit
Password: same as for Informit

A list of database names is available on our website: Informit interface database codes
Attributes in use generally follow the bib-1standard with extra attributes we have created.
Records can be retrieved in both MARC and SUTRS formats.

Can you provide us with URLs for our selective full text Informit titles listed on Ebsco AtoZ?
There is not a central location to get all the URLs. However, the format for the URL for each full text title is as follows:;res=APAFT;issn=1039-2750
So after you have downloaded the comma delimited list of selective titles, you could batch create a whole list of URLs with each ISSN.



Informit TVNews
Why won't videos play correctly on a Mac computer.

We recommend the installation of the free player Flip4mac. It is available from:

Why won't videos play correctly in Firefox or Chrome on Windows XP/7?
A new version of the WMV plug-in for Firefox and Chrome is now available. You must have this new version installed in order to watch the video within the browser window. You may download the latest plug-in from: media-player-firefox-plugin-download.aspx. More information on the problem is available here: Note: Programs broadcast after the 20th of April 2013 will be in MP4 format.

How can I check which version of the WMV Plug-in I have installed in Firefox?
Type about:plug-ins into the address bar of your browser. This will display Firefox's plug-in information. If you see Microsoft Windows Media Player Firefox Plug-in, you have the correct version installed. If you see Windows Media Plug-in Dynamic Link Library, you have an older version of the plug-in installed.

We are part of Screenrights but there are already concerns that increased usage of this resource during a sampling period will have an impact on our costs?
During the term of the current agreement between RMIT Publishing and Screenrights the costs per copy or communication are as previously agreed between Screenrights and the institutions and are not impacted by the agreement between RMIT and Screenrights.

Will Screenrights increase fees, post 2010, as institutions usage increases?
Screenrights and the institutions both reserve their rights for future payments beyond the term of the current agreement. This is a matter for negotiation between institutions and Screenrights independently of RMIT Publishing. 

Are walk-in users permitted to access TVNews?
Walk-in users are permitted to access the TVNews index. However, only your students and staff are permitted to view or download the video clips. This is due to restriction imposed by Screenrights in the remuneration notice with your institution. Please refer to your institution's remuneration notice with Screenrights for further information. 

Can TVNews be used in Blackboard, ClickView, course reserve, etc?
Copies of broadcasts may be made available online (such as in Blackboard) or put in course reserve, provided this is permitted under the Remuneration Notice and the institutions agreement with Screenrights and it is solely for the educational purposes of the institution and that the other standard conditions of Part VA of the Copyright Act are met i.e. labelling, notices, and that all reasonable steps are taken to ensure that the copies may only be accessible by those entitled to access them. See sections 135K and 135KA of the Copyright Act for more information. 

Why is there a gap in TVNews ABC NT, SA, QLD and WA coverage between August and October 2009?
A court imposed suppression order on satellite television transmission was in place between August and October 2009. This has led to a gap in the TVNews coverage of ABC NT, SA, QLD and WA programs for the period. While some programs have been indexed during the period of the suppression order, expect gaps in the coverage between August 24th and October 12th 2009 to remain. ABC VIC and NSW was unaffected. 

What programs will be available for download?
Click here to go to the TVNews Program list 

Why does the end of the previous story appear before my requested download?
There is a technical issue with the video capture equipment that limits the frame accuracy of edited programs. We are currently investigating a solution to this issue. 

Do the videos contain commercials?
No. Commercials are by default excluded. 

Can you provide us with some Legal Advice? Please Note:
That RMIT Publishing can not and does not give legal advice, and the information below is not provided as legal advice. The universities should get independent legal advice if they are unsure on any matter. RMIT Publishing would like to make the key point that copies of broadcasts supplied to universities on Informit Media are, under the agreement between RMIT Publishing and Screenrights, deemed to be copies made and communicated on the university's behalf under Part VA of the Copyright Act for the educational purposes of the university. Universities can refer to the terms of their arrangements with Screenrights and to their own guidelines in terms of using the copies.

Are you going to offer programs from Pay / Cable TV or HDTV?
Not at this time. 

How can I capture TVNews images?
To capture video playbacks for insert into promotional material like brochures, please see below.

- Save the video to your desktop
- Open it in Window Media Player or VLC player
- Go to Tools / Options
- Select the Performance Tab
- Click on the Advanced Button
- Uncheck 'Use Overlays' in the Video Acceleration box
- Click OK

How long will it take to download a video file?
The download speed will depend on individual circumstances. Downloads from Australian institutions will be fast, as access is from the super fast AARNET network. Some Australian Schools are slowly being rolled onto the AARNET network, and can also expect fast connection speeds. Other schools and students accessing the network from home can expect speeds as fast as their local exchange permits. 

I am concerned about the extra costs for the video downloads.
All Informit databases are hosted by RMIT Publishing which is within the AARNET network. Individual institutions need to consult their IT Services department to determine how data usage will impact on cost. 

Can I save programs?
All programs are viewed as progressive downloads. Video files may also be saved to a specific location. To save a video, use the Save As function. 

Can I make a DVD from a TVNews video download?
Yes. Please contact your IT Services department with regard to appropriate DVD making software. You also need a DVD burner. First download and save the TVNews video file to your computer. Then follow the instructions of your DVD making software. As TVNews videos are of lower resolution than the broadcast, the image quality on the DVD will also be of lower resolution. 

Note that any copying, including burning videos on a DVD need to comply with the requirements as outlined in your Screenrights licence.
Go to ( ) for more information.  


How do I know if I am a Screenrights member?
If you are unsure if you have a Screenrights licence, please email Screenrights at : 

Why are there are gaps in the coverage?
While records go back to late July 2007, expect consistent coverage from late September 2007. 

How current is the database?
Expect the majority of news items to be available the next working day after broadcast. Some current affairs and documentary items become available a couple of days after broadcast. While it is endeavoured to provide a timely upload of items, situations beyond our control may delay the upload of specific items. 

What format are the video files in?
Video files are predominantly Windows Media Video (WMV) Version 9. Programs broadcast after the 20th of April 2013 will be in MP4 format.

What type of software will I need to play downloaded video files?
WMV files can be played using Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, MPlayer, VLC Media Player, Media Player Classic, and QuickTime. Make sure that the WMV9 codec is installed. We recommend Flip4Mac for a Mac. MP4 files may be played with most players that have the h264 condec installed.

What size are the files?
File sizes will range from under 1MB to around 150 MB for an hour long program. Most news stories will be around 2-3 MB. 

What is the quality like?
The video files are compressed and reduced in size to 384x288 pixels. The quality is sufficient for general use. They may be viewed full screen and also be projected using a datashow. High quality DVDs may also be ordered. 

According to the licence we only have an agreement until end of 2009 although the sampling period goes until October 2010. How long are we covered for?
The agreement's minimum term is until 31 December 2009. From then on the agreement rolls over annually unless (or until) terminated by either party. Because the sample frame is not based on the calendar year, there is an overlap beyond the minimum term of the agreement. 

Do you have a document about how we can use clips from the database in course material, etc and what copyright clearances Informit have already negotiated?
Copies of broadcasts made under Part VA of the Copyright Act by Informit and supplied to a university for the university's educational purposes, are deemed under the agreement between RMIT Publishing and Screenrights to be like any other copy of a broadcast made by the university under the Remuneration Notice and the university's agreement with Screenrights and can be used in the same manner is as permitted under those documents 

Can TVNews be used in Blackboard, course reserve, etc?
Copies of broadcasts may be made available online (such as in Blackboard) or put in course reserve, provided this is permitted under the Remuneration Notice and the institutions agreement with Screenrights and it is solely for the educational purposes of the institution and that the other standard conditions of Part VA of the Copyright Act are met i.e. labelling, notices, and that all reasonable steps are taken to ensure that the copies may only be accessible by those entitled to access them. See sections 135K and 135KA of the Copyright Act for more information. 

Is there a limit on the number of times that the video can be viewed?

Does TVNews cover my city's local news?
TVNews covers the local ABC news bulletins of Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane and Darwin. Additionally the ABC Stateline programs from these capitals are also available. From the 20th of April 2013, nationally broadcast television programs will be sourced from the Sydney broadcaster. State ABC news programs will continue to be sourced from the local broadcasters.

Are programs repeat indexed?
A program is indexed only once. If a program is repeated and a record already exists for an earlier screening, the program will not be re-indexed. 

Where are the TVNews programs sourced from?
From the 20th of April 2013, nationally broadcast television programs will be sourced from the Sydney broadcaster. State ABC news programs will continue to be sourced from the local broadcasters.

How do I play MP4 files?
Your browser can play TVNews MP4 files. You can also save the MP4 file locally and play it with your favourite media player.

Informit EduTV

What authentication is used in Informit EduTV?
All users within the subscribing institute’s IP range have unmediated access to all content on Informit EduTV.

How do I register?
You initially need to access Informit EduTV via your library. 
Register by clicking the Register link at the top of the Informit EduTV screen and enter your details. 
Make sure you use your institutional email address and not your private email address (e.g. gmail or hotmail).

Why should I register?
Registering allows you to add programs to your Favourites and create Clips. It also allows you to log into Informit EduTV remotely without having to go through your library.

How do I access Informit EduTV?
You can access Informit EduTV through your library or remotely. If you access Informit EduTV through your library you will be automatically logged in and have full access to the videos. 

Can I access Informit EduTV off-campus?
Yes. Access off-campus is available to individual users that belong to a subscribing institute and have registered with their institutional email address. Go to

Is there a timeout period?
Logged in users will timeout after 3 hours of non-activity.

How long is a user login valid for?
User logins are valid for 3 months. After this period a new password will be emailed to the user once an attempt is made to sign in. If a user does not sign in after a 12 month period, their account will be deleted.  

Are additional software and/or hardware required to access Informit EduTV?
No. Informit EduTV is accessed via any browser on an internet enabled computer.

What browsers does Informit EduTV support?
- Chrome
- Firefox 4+
- Internet Explorer 7+
- Safari 4+

Does Informit EduTV require any plug-ins to be installed?
Yes. Informit EduTV requires your desktop browser to have Adobe Flash plug-in version 11+ installed.

What are the bandwidth requirements for Informit EduTV?
Informit EduTV provides a high quality media stream (768 KB). An available bandwidth of more than 1MB per second is recommended for efficient video playback. If the network speed drops below 1 MB per second, the videos may take an extended period of time to load, or pause to buffer. 

Does Informit EduTV operate on handheld devices?
Yes. Video playback is supported by all iOS and Android devices supporting the HTTP Live Streaming (also known as HLS) protocol. While video playback is most reliable on iOS devices, video playback on Android devices has been tested using Chrome and Dolphin browsers. Other browsers may also be able to play the videos. The clip making feature is not currently supported via handheld devices so a desktop browser is required to create and view clips.

Can I create and playback clips on a tablet device or smartphone?
No. Clips can only be created and viewed with desktop browsers. On a tablet or smartphone you can browse, search and playback videos only.

How do I exit full screen mode on an Android device?
If no exit full screen button is visible, simply press the Android back button.

Can videos be downloaded and streamed?
No, currently only streaming is possible.

How do I link directly to a video?
You may add a video link to your Learning Management System or any other platform. 

For example the following link will take the user directly to the video page of the program, 
In an IP authenticated site, the authorised user will have immediate access. If the user is off-site then they will need to login before they can access the video. 
The following link contains proxy server details and will authenticate via the user’s institutional login,
The interface allows the user to share video links via email, Facebook and Twitter. 

Why is a video taking a long time to load on my tablet device or smartphone?
There may be more than a 15 second delay before a video begins on a slow network or if there is a weak WIFI signal. During this time the screen will display a static image.

Why do I sometimes see a white screen when watching clips?
Clips that are based on video segments at the end of a program may take some time to buffer. The time taken will depend on your connection and the length of the program. You may see a white screen above the player controls during this time.

Why can’t I see My Favourites or My Clip Playlist tabs?
You need to be logged in with your username to see the My Favourites and My Clip Playlist tabs.

What search options are available for Informit EduTV?

Simple Search will look for any of the search terms in the programme record. All fields are searched, including captions. To search for a specific phrase, place the phrase in quotation marks. Example: “The Grammar of Happiness”. The results will be sorted by relevance by default.

Advanced Search provides additional options to focus your search. Here you may limit your search to a specific subject area and Broadcast Date. Additionally, you can specify what metadata fields are searched: Title, Description and/or Captions.
Is the Clip and Playlist metadata searchable?
No, currently title and description are not searchable.

Why do some videos have black thumbnail images?
The creation of the graphic thumbnail is an automated process that captures an image a few seconds into a program. In some cases a black screen is captured.

What are the Administrator options?
Logging in as an Administrator gives you the option to view all registered users of Informit EduTV from your institution. You can directly add registered users and email individuals login details or reset passwords. You can also email yourself all user details in CSV format.

What is the program overlap between Informit TVNews and Informit EduTV?
TVNews provides access to news and current affairs programs. EduTV streams educational programs such as documentaries, current affairs, series, and the like. There is minimal overlap of programs across both products. The programs that overlap include:
- Compass
- Foreign Correspondent
- Four Corners
- Living Black
- Q and A.



How do I turn the metadata for Informit Collections on or off?
Yes. Please login to Informit Admin and change using Custom Collections option. For detailed instructions, please click here.

How do I link to a particular Article Title within Informit Collections?;dn=[DocumentNumber];res=[Database Code]

For example:
To jump to the article title;
Australian Immigration: Some Current Themes by Andrew Metcalfe
in the journal The Sydney Papers, Volume 19, Issue 1;res=IELHSS;dn=451457667828093


Book Me by Jeannette Bromfield
in The Lamp, volume 65, Isuue 11;dn=469190570275765;res=IELBUS

How can I find our whether a journal included in Informit is peer reviewed?
Peer reviewed indicators are provided for all Informit full text databases. For Informit Collections these indicators are available at a title and article level whereas for Plus Text databases, peer reviewed indicators are only available at the title level. To check whether an article listed within your search results is from a peer reviewed title, simply click on the 'Complete Record' link to see the full abstract record and refer to the 'Peer Reviewed Article Indicator - yes or no' field. Alternatively, when browsing through titles (via the 'Browse tab'), you will notice that all peer reviewed titles feature a blue 'P' icon.




Can I see the Plus Text version of an article without a subscription?

If you have a subscription to Informit Indexes, individual articles can be purchased using the Pay per View facility. Click here for further information regarding Pay per View.
Articles are priced at A$33.00 and payment is by credit card (Visa, Mastercard or Bankcard), or if your subscription is through a large organisation or company, via account billing.
When purchasing the article, you will be required to enter your details and any reference that needs to appear on the receipt.
Articles appear immediately as a PDF. You will need to save or print the PDF in order to view it more than once.

How long is my subscription valid for?
Subscriptions are valid for 12 months upon receipt of your signed Informit Licence Agreement.

Please go to: to download a copy.


Can I upgrade my subscription to allow for more additional users?
Yes you can. An additional fee will apply. Contact our Customer Service Team at or Tel: 03 9925 8210 for assistance.



My genealogy disc no longer works with my new pc.
If you have updated your pc to XP, you may require a patch for your disc to work.
Ensure your KAware disc is installed.
In the KAWAREN folder on c drive rename the .exe file to anything (for backup precautions only).
Download the file (below) from the internet and save it into your KAWAREN folder.
Create a new shortcut on your desktop.

Do you support my Genealogy cd?
RMIT Publishing are no longer stocking, supplying or supporting the CD ROMs.




What is the difference between Informit Backfiles and other Informit databases?
Informit Backfiles provide cover-to-cover access to the archived issues of individual journals. Backfiles are available on a one-off purchase basis, as opposed to subscription. Current content for these titles is available in selected Informit Collections.

Where can I find the Informit Backfiles license agreement?
The Informit Backfiles license agreement is available at

What years does the Meanjin backfiles cover?
The Meanjin backfile archive is from 1995 back to 1940.


Are current issues of Meanjin available?
Yes, as part of the Informit Humanities & Social Sciences Collections.


How do I access the Meanjin backfiles through Informit?
The Meanjin backfiles are available on a one-off purchase basis. If your organisation subscribes to the Informit Humanities & and Social Sciences Collection, Meanjin backfiles and current content will be accessible through the Collection. If your organisation does not subscribe to the Informit Humanities & and Social Sciences Collection then the Meanjin backfiles will be appear as a separate database when you connect to the Informit interface.

Why does Meanjin have multiple titles and ISSNs?
Meanjin has had four different titles and ISSNs since 1940. Each title is therefore listed separately on Informit with different ISSNs available for you to catalogue as follows:

Meanjin Papers (1940-1946)
ISSN: 1324-1737;res=IELHSS;issn=1324-1737

Meanjin (1947-1960)
ISSN: 1324-1745;res=IELHSS;issn=1324-1745

Meanjin Quarterly (1961-1975)
ISSN: 0815-953X;res=IELHSS;issn=0815-953X

Meanjin (1976-1995)
ISSN: 0025-6293;res=IELHSS;issn=0025-6293

What if I forget my FTP or extranet password?
Contact out production team at

What are the technical specifications for PDF files?
Please refer to the 'File format requirements' section of our Essential Information for Partners page, from where you can download a PDF Specifications sheet.

What is an ftp and where can I get it?
FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol.
There are many freely available open platform ftp client softwares to choose from.
Below are two FTP clients provided as examples:
The browser Firefox 'add on' called fireftp (

Where can I find your production schedule for a particular database?
Contact RMIT Publishing and they will supply you with the production schedule for your database till the end of the year.

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RMIT Training Pty Ltd – a wholly owned
subsidiary of RMIT University